DTown - The NorthsiderEP (CD / Hard Copy)

*Name your price: Please show support by downloading the project. You can name your own price, whether $6, $10, $15 etc. Please enjoy the THE NORTHSIDER EP. I have poured my blood sweat and tears into this one. Thanks for your continued love and support.

The Northsider EP is the 1st studio album from DTown featuring the singles 'The Breakdown', 'Believe Me', 'F*** You Thot' and production from Mello Dee and DTown. We are making history here – bypassing iTunes so I can actually know who is supporting the movement! Every member is added to my personal address book and is encouraged to reach out to me and my team directly as desired.


  • 01. Taught Em (Prod. By Mello Dee)
  • 02. Inferno feat. Mai Byrd (Prod. by DTown)
  • 03. Memories Interlude (Prod. by DTown)
  • 04. Voodoo
  • 05. The Breakdown (Prod. by Mello Dee)
  • 06. Who Got The Answers Interlude (Prod. by Mello Dee)
  • 07. You Thought feat. K-Starr (Prod. by DTown
  • 08. Situationships (Prod. by Mello Dee)
  • 09. Believe Me (Prod. by Mello Dee)
  • 10. Crandall Park Cruisin Interlude (Prod. by Mello Dee)
  • 11. Say Somethin feat. Mai Byrd and K-Starr (Prod. by Mello Dee)
  • 12. Nothing Left to Say feat. Jounre (Prod. by Mello Dee)
  • 13. Never Back Down (Prod. by Black Cloud)
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